Strengthening Homeschool Families


The Love to Homeschool Manifesto is near and dear to my heart.  It represents everything I wish for every mom who interacts with Love to Homeschool.  I pray that it brings inspiration and sunshine to your day and your homeschooling endeavors!


Download Your Copy to Print Here:

PDF Version of Print-Ready Love to Homeschool Manifesto

JPEG Version of Print-Ready Love to Homeschool Manifesto

Words of the Love to Homeschool Manifesto:

I am beautiful.

I am talented, creative, intelligent, wise and STRONG.

I nurture and care well for myself and my family.

Our home is a house of faith, prayer, order and learning where “angels delight to come.”

I am a woman of faith, full of light and love.

My children are my greatest treasure.  It is my privilege and honor to lead and teach them each day.

I believe in my children and my capacity to teach and inspire the greatness within them.

I humbly seek God’s companionship each day to lead and guide me.

The most important work I can do here is the work I do within my own home.  I know that I am irreplaceable to my children.

I know that I never walk alone.

I believe in daily miracles and in the ministering of angels.

I am led by inspiration, strengthened by grace and supported and nurtured by heaven.

To any mother, I value, love, honor and seek to lift and strengthen her.  United in beauty, love and respect, our sisterhood inspires and brings out the very best in both of us and enhances our efforts in our own homes.

I choose to homeschool to assist my children in bringing more of their divinity, brilliance and light to the world.



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