Strengthening Homeschool Families

Interviews & Podcast

We realize how important it is to feel supported as you learn more about homeschooling and decide whether or not it’s the best option for you and your family.  Support continues to be important to parents who choose to homeschool.  Wherever you’re at, we’ve created monthly virtual and quarterly live events to support your homeschool journey so you can experience greater success, clarity and joy than ever before!

Monthly Virtual Expert Interviews and podcast

There is always more to learn about homeschooling and parenting. That;s why we have created our interview series. We know that it’s hard to make it to a live event every month but you crave the insight from homeschooling and parenting experts on a regular basis. Our interviews with top experts will help you increase your effectiveness and joy in your homeschool.

Bi-Yearly Live Events

Moms who homeschool know that some of the most valuable help they’ve ever received has been from learning what works and what doesn’t from other homeschool moms.  Having a network of homeschool moms to support you can assist you in getting your questions answers, while gaining insights and great ideas to help each of your children in a more effective way.



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