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Homeschool Chic Chapters

Homeschool Chic Chapters

The Homeschool Chic Chapters are a great place to connect with other homeschooling moms or to go to learn more about homeschooling.  The purpose of Homeschool Chic Chapters is to provide in-person support, as well as continuing education for homeschooling parents, through regular, monthly events.

Existing Homeschool Chic Chapters (click on the name to be redirected to their unique page):

Don’t see a Homeschool Chic Chapter near you?  Starting a Homeschool Chic Chapter is easy and fun!  Expand your own network while providing a valuable resource to homeschooling families in your area!

Starting a Homeschool Chic Chapter

Here at Homeschool Chic we love being able to connect to moms everywhere through the benefits of the internet and technology!  However, there is no replacement for being able to connect homeschooling families, face-to-face, in a live setting.  Because of that, we’ve created Homeschool Chic Chapters as a way to support that connection while offering families the opportunity to receive continuing education to improve and enhance their homeschooling efforts.

Homeschool Chic Chapters are easy to create and implement, often only requiring a few hours of the Homeschool Chic Chapter’s Founders time each month.  We recommend each Homeschool Chic Chapter host a monthly, live, free event for their network (see below for details on what the events typically look like).  However, we’re also open to allowing a Homeschool Chic Chapter to create what is best for their group.

Benefits of being a Homeschool Chic Chapter

As a Homeschool Chic Chapter you will receive many fantastic benefits to help your chapter take off and stay strong!

Every Homeschool Chic Chapter receives:

  • A unique page for your chapter on (i.e.
  • The opportunity to post about your monthly events on the Homeschool Chic Blog (as well as being able to submit guest posts to the blog)
  • The option to post about your Homeschool Chic Chapter’s Monthly Live Events on the Homeschool Chic Facebook fan page
  • Advertising on for your monthly events and your chapter info
  • Any branded resources to be used at events (i.e. print-ready versions of the Homeschool Chic Manifesto bookmark, email sign-up sheets, posters, banners and more)
  • Beautiful, professionally designed graphic advertisements to market your event online
  • Use of the gorgeous, fresh Homeschool Chic branding to make your chapter and events look more professional and exciting
  • Our endorsement of your events, including potential regular mentioning on the Homeschool Chic Podcasts soon to be available on iTunes
  • Being one of the first to know about and try new Homeschool Chic products (all Homeschool Chic Chapter Founders’ receive FREE downloadable versions of all Homeschool Chic products)
  • Opportunity to receive affiliate payment on any Homeschool Chic products sold at your events
  • Learning about any Homeschool Chic virtual and/or live events (such as our SWEET Homeschool Chic Fall Retreat coming up in August) before that information is released to the public, as well as the opportunity to attend any of those events at a discounted cost
  • Along with much, MUCH more!

How to Qualify to Create a Homeschool Chic Chapter

In order to preserve the integrity and mission of Homeschool Chic, we carefully evaluate every potential request to start a Homeschool Chic Chapter, ensuring that it’s truly a good fit.

“To any mother, I value, love, honor and seek to lift and strengthen her.  United in beauty, love and respect, our sisterhood inspires and brings out the very best in both of us and enhances our efforts in our own homes.” – Homeschool Chic Manifesto

In each case, we’re looking to make sure that the proposed chapter will:

  • Center their Homeschool Chic Chapter’s efforts on loving and supporting mothers regardless of any differences in opinions about methods and faith that may exist
  • Represent the Homeschool Chic brand honorably and respectfully
  • Maintain high values and motives within their chapter, especially at events, by seeking to support parents everywhere to follow the inspiration they receive.  We strictly enforce that every Homeschool Chic Chapter event is a place where there is no judgment and where parents feel welcome to share and do what they feel is best for their family.  Because of this, we do not support any one curriculum or method of homeschooling and ask our chapters to do the same.  Recommendations may be offered, but always in the spirit of “this worked well for my family and it could work for yours, too, if you felt that it was a good fit.  You know what’s best for your family.”
  • Honors and uses the Homeschool Chic Manifesto as the code of conduct for events and as a guideline for what the spirit/environment of each chapter should feel like
  • Is committed to creating high-quality events with speakers who will bring immense value to the participants of their chapter
  • Carefully evaluate and seek Homeschool Chic Founders’ (Quinn + Jenny) approval of any sponsors involvement at events to ensure that it is a good fit and one that won’t bring undue pressure to the attendees of the event, distracting them from the sincere, heartfelt motives of Homeschool Chic in supporting and uplifting homeschooling families
  • Have the support of at least 1-2 other homeschoolers to implement the Homeschool Chic Chapter events (don’t want you to be stressed; just want this to be fun)

Cost of Starting a Homeschool Chic Chapter

We’re looking to create a movement of moms who are empowered and enthusiastic about homeschooling their families and who can powerfully support other families, especially those who are interested in or are new to homeschooling.  Because of this, there is no cost to start up a Homeschool Chic Chapter.*

Our goal is for all Homeschool Chic Chapter monthly events to remain focused as a non-profit resource for homeschooling families.  Thus, we strongly recommend to all Homeschool Chic Chapter’s that events have no admission charge for attendees (occasional exceptions are possible, but need to receive the Homeschool Chic Founders’ approval prior to marketing the event).

However, we love supporting homeschooling families, especially those who are investing their time and energy in making their Homeschool Chic Chapter a success.  As such, we happily offer every Homeschool Chic Chapter Founder free downloadable versions of all our products for personal use, especially so they can recommend any of the products at events if they’d like to.  Then, any Homeschool Chic products sold at events can generate an affiliate commission to be used by the Homeschool Chic Chapter or its’ Founders as desired/needed.

Other monetization methods can be used – such as selling booth space at events or ad space on the individual Homeschool Chic Chapter’s online page to sponsors – to support the chapter as needed, though each method will need to be approved by the Homeschool Chic Founders (Jenny + Quinn) prior to implementation.

*At this time, we are not requiring payment to create a Homeschool Chic Chapter, but as the demand grows, we may need to adjust this as the requirements for our time to support the Homeschool Chic Chapters may grow immensely.

Interested in Starting a Homeschool Chic Chapter Near You?

Contact Jenny Bradshaw directly (jenny-at-homeschoolchic-dot-com) via email with the subject “Homeschool Chic Chapter Request.”

Please include in the email:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number (so we can contact you quickly and directly with any questions to get your request processed as quickly as possible)
  • Where you are located
  • A little bit about you and your involvement in homeschooling (how many kids, years homeschooled, etc.).  This is helpful for us to get to know you better and is not used to for anything other than that, unless you told us that you don’t homeschool and never plan to which would make us leery of having you start a Homeschool Chic Chapter;)
  • The area in which you’d like to start a Homeschool Chic Chapter
  • Why you’re interested in starting a Homeschool Chic Chapter and what you’d love to see happen as a result

After we receive your email, we’ll schedule a phone interview with you to discuss everything in further detail.  After the phone interview, we’ll contact you to let you know whether or not your request has been approved or denied.

NOTE: We absolutely LOVE connecting with homeschoolers!  If you’re interested, please don’t let the process intimidate you.  We’re extremely friendly and loving and will make you feel really comfortable throughout the process.  In order to protect the integrity of the Homeschool Chic brand and our mission, we have to take the addition of a new chapter very seriously (… and always with a twinkle in our eye).

What Can I Expect After Approval to Start a Homeschool Chic Chapter?

Tons of support and cheerleading!  We want every Homeschool Chic Chapter to thrive!!!  Because of that, we’ll maintain close contact so you can see great results and have the resources needed to succeed.  Both of the Homeschool Chic Founders (Quinn + Jenny) have years of experience in business, as well as internet marketing and branding, so your Homeschool Chic Chapter will be taken seriously and treated professionally (…and with LOTS of love!).

We’ll get your Homeschool Chic Chapter’s page set up on our website and will walk you through the planning and execution of your first events, as well as offering you any support needed for the planning of future events.

We’ll also be checking in regularly to see how things are going and how we can support you even more to make your dreams for your Homeschool Chic Chapter come true.  You’ll also be relieved to know that you can reach us at any time with questions or concerns as they come up.  Support, support, support: that’s what we’re all about. :)

What Do Homeschool Chic Chapter Monthly Live Events Look Like?

The focus of Homeschool Chic Chapter Monthly Live Events is to inspire and educate homeschooling parents, providing an environment of love and support to all attendees.

To “inspire” homeschooling families, it’s simply to give strength and love to allow them to more easily receive and courageously act on the inspiration they’re already receiving or will be receiving for their family.  It’s all about providing an environment of love and support, along with bringing in speakers who can relate and inspire confidence in the attendees.

When we say “educate” we’re not implying that the events are used to teach parents the “right” way to homeschool.  We believe that the “right way” for families to homeschool is the way they feel inspired to educate their own family.  Because of this, events are never focused on pushing any certain method or curriculum.  The intention of a Homeschool Chic Monthly Live Event is to teach about options and methods that have been successful for families so that attendees can enjoy the entire buffet of homeschooling options available to them and select those methodologies and resources that best fit and support their family’s individual needs and desires.

In our experience, we’ve found that these nights work best by only asking one speaker to present at each event and then allowing a lot of time for Q&A and connection afterwards.

The typical format for a Homeschool Chic Chapter Monthly Live Event is:

  • Event starts promptly at 7pm with a 5-10 minute welcome and introduction of the speaker by the Homeschool Chic Chapter’s Founders; the welcome includes reading the Homeschool Chic Manifesto aloud, as well as handing out copies of the Homeschool Chic Maniesto in bookmark format
  • Speaker takes 30-40 minutes to address the group (focused on connection adding as much value to the attendees lives as possible in that amount of time)
  • Speaker/Founders open up the remaining 10-20 minutes of the hour for Q&A time
  • 8pm begins time for the attendees to connect with each other and expand their support network
  • Events typically close at 8:30pm, but often attendees want to stay and chat for much longer than that… feel free to set a time limit as needed ;)

When selecting a speaker, Homeschool Chic Chapters will want to ensure that they are someone who has a lot of value to add to the homeschooling families involved in the chapter.  The best, most well-loved speakers are seasoned homeschooling mothers.  Panel discussions are also a great alternative to having a monthly speaker.

In our experience, the Homeschool Chic Chapter Monthly Live Events work best held in a home. We’ve tried them in other types of locations and they just didn’t seem to work as well.  It only makes sense, we’ve concluded, that an event about homeschooling would work best in a home.  ;)  If your Homeschool Chic Chapter is unable to host monthly events in a home or a similarly comfortable setting, another great option is to host monthly events at your local library.

The ultimate experience is if the group is able to come to the speaker’s home for that particular event.  This makes everything the speaker says more powerful and connective because attendees are able to feel of the environment of that speaker’s homeschool.  However, this is not always an option and shouldn’t limit the opportunity of a speaker to participate.

Events have also gone best when only babes in arms are allowed to come, thus helping the parent(s) and the whole group to focus on the speaker and get the most out of the night.

It’s a great idea to have a consistent night of the month that your events are always scheduled on (i.e. the last Thursday evening of every month).  This will make it much easier for families to support your Homeschool Chic Chapter and participate.

Refreshments – if allowed at your location – seem to put everyone at ease and assist with connection.  Some simple, tasty treats can make the event really fun.

We highly recommend recording your Homeschool Chic Chapter’s events and are happy to recommend easy, effective ways to do this.  We’re also happy to host the recordings on our website so the content can reach a wider audience.

Testimonials from Mothers Who Have Attended Homeschool Chic Chapter Monthly Live Events:

This was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had. Thank you for including me in this group. It’s literally what I have been PRAYING for! Love you girls! Looking forward to the upcoming events. :)” ~Catherine Reed




I had a wonderful experience at my first Homeschool Chic meeting! I sat back and listened to some amazing, (yet humble and normal!), women discuss their experiences, values, feelings, and testimonies of homeschooling. My mind and heart were filled with ideas and I felt connected to other women, just like me. Thank you Quinn and Jenny!” ~Ambra Gardner



Thanks soo much Quinn and Jenny and Homeschool Chic!
I have my kids in public school right now, and your message was exactly what I needed to hear, whether I decide to homeschool or not! It’s nice to know that there’s logical, emotional and spiritual support from fun, awesome, cool moms that I can relate to, for moms who want to do what is best for their kids. Going to your event was a direct answer to prayer! Thanks for following your inspiration to organize such an amazing group of powerful moms to support each other!” ~Harmony Williams


Connecting with other like-minded Moms is amazing! It’s so nice to be able to go to a place where others just get it. I as a Mom am more than qualified to make decisions for me and my family, and it’s so great to have support for that.” ~Cynthia Gough




Meeting with like-minded women and discussing homeschooling in a fun, relaxed way was an amazing experience. I feel like I’ve made some life-long friends and I can’t wait for the next meeting!” ~Katie Skillin




I am a mom who has never been interested in the idea of homeschooling my children. I went to this event because I love Quinn and Jenny, I’m so grateful that I love these two women because the evening was incredible. I was so grateful for the opportunity to gain more knowledge and insight about a concept that I really didn’t know about. The neatest thing was how accepted I felt by all of the women, even though I wasn’t interested in homeschooling they all treated me and my own opinions with respect and no judgement. What a gift a group like this is to all moms, those who are currently homeschooling, those who are thinking about homeschooling, and those who would like to learn about it in a safe non threatening environment.” ~Calli Lewis

We’d LOVE to Support You Starting A Homeschool Chic Chapter Today!

Seriously.  Go ahead and email Jenny (jenny-at-homeschoolchic-dot-com) so we can get you going!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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